So you want to bet Euro Cup 2016?

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on June 30, 2016

Let me introduce you to my source…

His name is Antonio. He’s from Barcelona, Spain.

But around the office, we refer to him as “The Outlaw Magician”.

Because fact is, his record is just flat out insane! I mean, the guy rarely produces a losing day.

In fact, the magician is typically worth +10 units a week (sometimes on a single day).

Seriously, look at his Euro Cup/Copa America picks so far:

6/27 – Italy +.5 (WINNER)
6/27 – England/Iceland Over 2 (WINNER)
6/26 – Germany -1 (WINNER)
6/25 – Wales +107 (WINNER)
6/22 – Belgium -111 (WINNER)
6/21 – Argentina -1 (WINNER)
6/21 – Poland -101 (WINNER)
6-21 – Turkey/Czech Republic Over 2 (PUSH)

There’s just one down-side to Antonio’s picks.

His services are $10k a month. I know only a select few of my subscribers can afford that fee, much less have anything left to bet the picks with.

Worst of all, Antonio will not even entertain the idea of taking on more clients.

I mean, he’s personally dealing with each client 1-on-1, so I can relate.

Now the GOOD NEWS!


Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: “What if you feed me the picks and I deal with each client?”

Antonio: “You mean, you pay me for each client, and then I give you the pick, and you give to the client.”

Me: “Exactly!”

Antonio: “I think that will work, but how many people are you talking.”

Me: “One hundred or so?”

Antonio: “I dunno…”

Me: “Fifty?”

Antonio: “Ok, let’s give it a

And just like that…

I got permission to bring on board 50 new clients for a 30-day trial period.

You can get on board just in time for today’s Euro Cup Quarter Finals Pick:

Euro Cup 2016 Details

You will receive soccer picks for 30 days, that includes Euro Cup’s quarter, semi, and finals picks.

You must be able to bet these picks. Whether at the book, offshore book, or a local guy. How you bet it, is on you.

As a member, you’ll get first crack at working with Antonio full time when a spot becomes available, after these first 30 days.

You interested?

Ready to see what the Magician can do for you…

Click this link:

Good luck and talk soon,

James Jones

P.S. Remember, only 50 spots are available…

And you’re getting these picks for PENNIES on the dollar!

Click here quickly:

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