Sharpest College Football mind in the world!

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 17, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Today in our third installment of College Bowl Confidential series.  In today’s episode, Brian Blessing, interviews Craig Mucklow.

Craig’s VP of Trading over at Don Best.  Inside the industry, he’s a BIG deal.

Pretty sure, he’s the most famous guy you’ve never heard of 🙂

You see, behind the scenes he’s the go to guy every bookmaker relies on.
Every book in the word knows his name.  And when Craig speaks they hang on his every word…

… because his advice is so accurate, it can bring down the house!

Analytically, you’ll never find anyone sharper than Craig.  His College Football knowledge is hands down impressive.

Watch, listen, and learn.


Enjoy & Good luck,

James Jones

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