Secrets of a Vegas Whale

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on January 20, 2017

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with, Don Johnson, a very intelligent gambler advantaged player.

You see, Don’s advantage is a real threat to the “almighty house” because he uses a real mathematical edge to exploit the house!

In fact, a corporate executive was once FIRED simply for taking his action.

(And rightfully so)

He’s on record for taking…

… $6,000,000 from Tropicana

… $5,000,000 from Borgata

… $4,000,000 from Caesars

It’s all documented and you can see everything here:

The Player: Secrets of a Vegas Whale.

As seen on…


Something I find fascinating is Don is strictly a numbers guy…  He employees PhD mathematicians who use math models to exploit and expose the advantage.

Good thing for bettors, like you and me, Don’s now focused on exploiting the edge sports betting now.

For now, watch the video to learn more about Don…  If you’re interested in getting wagering advice direct from Mr. Johnson, you’re in luck, I have some very exciting news coming tomorrow!

Keep an eye on your inbox for more information!

Good luck,

James Jones

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