Push Button Picks

Hey James Jones here…

Over the past several days I’ve been getting a ton of questions asking, “James, what is Push Button Picks”?  So I figured I’d post today to explain.  Plus, I’ll explain how you can benefit.

Let’s get started:

What is Push Button Picks?

Push Button Picks is a portal built for premium members.  It gives members a chance to see exactly which teams the top handicappers are on for that day.

How do I benefit from this?

Simple, having the kind of intel at your fingers tips is AWESOME!  If all the top handicappers are one sided on a game is it coincidence?  Is there something the public doesn’t know?  Is there an edge?

How can I access Push Button Picks?

You see Push Button Picks is not open to the public, currently it’s only open to Premium Members.  So if you want to join (assuming we still have memberships available) you can go to http://www.OddsWorthBetting.com to join


It’s as simple as one, two, three…

Step 1.  Log onto push button picks.

– Go to www.PushButtonPicks.com and login with your assigned username and password at the top right

Step 2.  Review today’s match-ups and see who’s on what picks.  The “picks” column is an indicator for how many handicappers are on that particular game.  Click on a given selection to see which side of the game each handicapper is on.

Step 3.  See which side your favorite handicappers are on.  


If you’re currently a member and have questions please email me; james@oddsworthbetting.com

Need access to Push Button Picks – Sign up at www.OddsWorthBetting.com


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