Happy wife.

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on April 26, 2017

Hey James Jones here…

This short YouTube video reminds me of my wife.  Click the play button below.

Ever heard the saying…  “A happy wife a happy life”?

Well it’s true (oh so very true)

You see, week after week while I’m analyzing games, working with clients, and betting games…  My wife takes care of things around the house, runs the kids around, and etc.

So when she wants to go shopping, go see a show, or go on a girls night…  I don’t ask questions, I just tell her, “Have fun honey”.

And oddly enough, she doesn’t ask questions about money…


Because our bank account is “almost” magic.

You see, each week it gets bigger and bigger like magic.

But make no mistake, it’s not magic…  It’s the power of winning 🙂

Let me explain…

In the past 30 days my partner “7” and I have been putting a beating on the almighty house…

…50 Wins – 28 Losses – 3 Pushes resulting in +33 units.

Let me translate what thirty three units means to you and your bankroll.

  • $100 unit bettors banked $3,300
  • $200 unit bettors banked $6,600
  • $500 unit bettors banked $16,500
  • $1K unit bettors banked $33,000

…See for yourself, SEEING IS BELIEVING!

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Good luck,

James Jones

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