Angry Betting (Bad Idea!)

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on June 8, 2015

Hey James Jones here.

I didn’t realize one pick could actually enrage so many people. I guess this NBA finals series has everybody on edge.

Let me explain…

Yesterday my Premium Clients and I won the Golden State/Cavs match up as we took the Cavs +8.

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Like I was saying…

The second we posted the pick, the texts and emails started coming in.

Here’s what they all said in a nutshell…

“James, +8 looks attractive, but it’s a bad call. The Cavs don’t have a chance, and if you don’t see that, you’re blind.”

Consider that the edited version, because the originals had much more colorful language.

I don’t know if people forgot that LeBron James is THE best player in the NBA right now, or if they are just sick of seeing him in the finals.


Fact is, +8 was not only a good play, it was the only play.

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The public is essentially “voting” for Golden State to be the champions. And that’s pushing the line way out of bounds.

Hell, game 1 showed that the Cavs could cover. The fact that they didn’t was a fluke.

So the question is, why do so many bettors bet with their emotions?

I really do think it pisses them off to see LeBron in the Finals yet another year.

But the funny thing is, they back up the anger with poorly spent dollars.

Mark my words…

My Partner, “7”, my team of analysts, and myself WILL play the public like a fiddle.

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Good luck,

James Jones

P.S. All the sharps I know agree. There is money in this series.

To the untrained eye, it may seem dificult to cap. And since my clients and I sit at 1-1 on this series you might think I’ve already made a mistake.

But the truth isn’t too difficult to see. We were one lay-up (minus a spectacular block) away from being 2-0.

We made the right call in Game 1.

We made the right call in Game 2.

And you can bet your ass we’ll make the right call in Game 3.

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