A Major League Loop-hole

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on May 13, 2015

It’s James Jones here…

It’s no SECRET!

The MLB is boring to watch, but as long as we can exploit the odds for a profit, we’ll bet it.

You agree, right?

Recently, a source of mine kept pushing me to try this new thing…  “James, you have to jump on board with Daily Fantasy Sports – it’s the next BIG thing!”

Initially, I kept blowing him off…

But he kept twisting my arm.  Finally, he said that magical word… “Loop-hole”.

“James, listen I know you like stacking the odds in your favor.  You might want to take a look at this Daily Fantasy Sport stuff.  I recently found this loop-hole!”

So I caved…  This week I decided to give it a try using this secret loop-hole.

Side note: Think of daily fantasy sports as a poker tournament but your cards are the players and their performance.

Anyway, imagine my SHOCK when I logged to see how I was doing last night.

The Dodgers ended up knocking me out of 1st place, but I still placed in the money.  Not too bad for a beginner, right?  The tournament was $27 to enter.

My source is not ready to reveal this SECERT to the masses just yet…  He told me I could only bring on 5 new guys.  That’s right five.

So if Daily Fantasy Sports sounds like something you’re interested in, text “Loop-hole” to 702-979-4410 and we can discuss.

Only requirement.  You must have a Draft Kings account.  If not click this link and set one up.

Remember, if you want access to this loop-hole, you must text me.

Talk soon and good luck,

James Jones

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