Is Super Bowl 50 for suckers?

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on February 5, 2016

This weekend it’s the BIG game.

The story lines make this a Super Bowl to remember…

Can Peyton Manning (AKA The Sheriff) stop the surging Carolina Panthers?  Will it be Peyton Manning’s final game?  Can he ride off into the sunset with a Super Bowl win?

Can Cam Newton and the Panthers keep momentum on their side and steam roll the Denver Broncos?

The game itself, is sure to be entertaining!

As of writing this blog post, here’s what the public action looks like, thus far…

68% Panthers
32% Broncos

43% Panthers
57% Broncos

66% Over
34% Under

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The commercials…

Let’s talk commercials.

Many folks, watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and halftime show alone!

In my personal opinion, going into this weekend’s Super Bowl 50, this is my favorite commercial.

(It’s due to change but this the front runner )

The logic…

Think about this. Super Bowl 50 is on everyone’s radar.

Billions of dollars are pouring in on the BIG game, but a majority of the action is coming from recreational bettors.

I’m talking…  Everybody and their grandma crawls out form under their rock to try to make a dollar off the Super Bowl.

  • Straight bets
  • Parlay bets
  • Props bets
  • Office pools
  • Squares

With all due respect, if you’re looking to make any real money…  You might get LUCKY on a prop bet or two but no real money will be made on the Super Bowl!

The secret to raking in a fortune is to catch the almighty house where they’re not looking.

Heard enough?  Click this link to watch a short video about a system that’s taking the sports betting industry by storm!  See exactly why a few Las Vegas BIG Wigs are upset!
Think about it, the Super Bowl has been on everyone’s radar for a couple weeks now.

Yours…  Mine…  But most IMPORTANTLY, the Las Vegas Odds-makers minds.  You can bet your bottom-dollar they’ve accounted for almost everything that can impact the outcome of this game.

Typically, when the odds-makers take time to analyze and breakdown an event, the margin of victory is slim (keyword: typically!).  In other words, it’s going to be tough to make any real kind of money betting the Super Bowl!

The SECRET is to catch’em where they’re not looking…  Blindside’em!

Imagine, catching the “Almighty” house with their pants down!

Here’s what I’m saying…

Let’s hit your bookie, your guy, and the almighty house where they least expect it!

While they’re (((FOCUSED))) on on the Super-Bowl, let’s you and I blindside’em wagering BIG on small teams.

I’m talking College Hoops and betting teams you’ve probably never heard of…  like Fordham, Holy Cross, Quinnipiac, just to name a few using this special system.

Watch this quick video now

But don’t take my word for it…  Just look at this record:

Jan 1:
Denver +13 (WINNER)

Jan 2:
Troy +8.5 (WINNER)
Towson +1 (loss)
Furman -6 (WINNER)

Jan 3:
Florida Intl -5.5 (WINNER)
Jan 4:
Wisc Green Bay -6.5 (WINNER)
Youngstown State +17 (WINNER)

Jan 5:
Samford -10 (WINNER)

Jan 6:
Drake +1 (loss)
Oral Roberts +6 (WINNER)
Belmont -11 (loss)

Jan 7:
Appalachian State +12.5 (WINNER)
Georgia State -11.5 (loss)

Jan 8:
Akron -10 (loss)

Jan 9:
Cleveland State +5 (WINNER)
Coll Charleston -1.5 (loss)
NC Wilmington -6.5 (WINNER)

Jan 10:
Illinois Chicago +21 (loss)

Jan 11:
Fairfield +5.5 (loss)
Bucknell -2 (WINNER)

Jan 12:
Eastern Michigan -6.5 (WINNER)

Jan 13:
Tennessee Martin -3 (WINNER)
Jacksonville State (WINNER)

Jan 14:
Elon +3.5 (loss)
Wright State -7 (WINNER)

Jan 15:
Canisius -1 (WINNER)

Jan 16:
New Mexico -10.5 (loss)
Loyola Chicago +12.5 (WINNER)
Yale -15.5 (loss)

Jan 17:
Niagara +6.5 (WINNER)

Jan 18:
Cleveland State -11 (WINNER)
Siena +3 (loss)
Hampton +1 (WINNER)

Jan 19:
St. Peters +3 (WINNER)

Jan 20:
Fordham -4.5 (WINNER)

Jan 21:
Morehead State -5 (WINNER)
Ul – Lafayette -15.5 (loss)

Jan 22:
Iona -8 (loss)
Toledo +pk (loss)

Jan 23:
UT Arlington -4.5 (loss)
Charlotte U -3.5 (WINNER)
Ul – Lafayette (WINNER)

Jan 24:
Missouri St +1 (loss)
Iona -4.5 (loss)

Jan 25:
Detroit +5.5 (loss)
Bucknell -16 (loss)

Jan 26:
Buffalo -4 (WINNER)

Jan 27:

Jan 28:
San Diego +7 (loss)
Western Kentucky +4 (WINNER)

Jan 29:
Northern Kentucky +8 (WINNER)

Jan 30:
North Colorado +1 (WINNER)
Delaware +10 (WINNER)
Illinois Chicago +5 (WINNER)

Jan 31:
Northern Iowa -5 (WINNER)

Feb 1:
Quinnipiac +9 (WINNER)

Feb 2:
UNLV +3 (loss)

Feb 3:
St. Bonaventure +6.5 (WINNER)

Feb 4:
San Diego +1.5 (WINNER)

Believe me…

It’s Almost like having a license to PRINT Money

But talk’s cheap…  Take a couple minutes and watch this short video now!

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