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James Jones
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From the Desk of James Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to win more bets and pocket more dough during the NFL preseason, this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

But before I dive right in… Did you hear the news…

Prohibition Has Been Lifted!

That’s right, on May 15, 2018 The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the federal law that forbids wagering on college and professional sports in all states (excluding Nevada).

This means times are a changing my friend!

Over the next few years (2-5 years) sports betting will be just as common as the lottery.

So right now it’s important time to dial in your systems, tactics and align yourself with the right advisors! Because pretty soon… you’ll be able to transform this betting hobby into a FT income!

Bookies “FEAR” The NFL Preseason

You see, most offshore and local guys will NOT let you casually drop whatever size wager your heart desires…

...because the house puts limit on how much you can wager!

And it doesn’t matter where you place your bets. Whether you’re betting with a local guy, an offshore book, or a sports book here in Las Vegas. Thus, begs the question…

Why would bookmakers who usually have a built-in advantage, limit the players action?

Could it be that the NFL Preseason is RIGGED
(That’s right. I just dropped the “R” word)?


You see, over the years, my partner, “7”, and I have uncovered undeniable patterns to predicting the winner of NFL Preseason games.

How? By leveraging cutting edge technology, data, and systems.

And fact is, for the past 6 preseasons my clients and I have SMASHED the books week after week during the preseason. I’m talking stacks on stacks.

The Time to Capitalize is NOW!

With so many sure-things floating on the wagering board... It’s time to take things to the next level. That’s right, I’m talking about loading up!

You see, hours before kickoff, we’re out roaming the strip dropping wagers across The Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Mirage, The Venetian, Wynn, and Palms... Betting the soft-lines.

Not to mention we’re loading up with the offshore books and local bookmakers who'll accept our action.

And that's just 1-level deep... Our proxies, runners, and clients are doing the same thing.

It’s a hustle getting in the wagers… But nothing beats collecting stacks on stacks from your bookie!

Here’s How It Starts.

It all starts at the top with coaching!

You see, some coaches are just going through the motions, while other coaches have something to prove!

Believe me, like I said before, in the NFL, “egos are a factor”, A BIG factor!

In fact, some coaches are attracted to the limelight and will actually leak critical information about their agenda to the media.

And by “agenda,” I mean their strategy and who’s playing. Knowing the coaching strategy during a Preseason game is pure GOLD…

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. And this iceberg goes DEEP!

The good news is that my partner, “7,” and I have taken all the factors into consideration, including past data, to developed a crazy accurate system for uncovering winners during the NFL Preseason.

Trust me, the double digit covers aren't the only thing that starts stacking up!

(Impressive results, right!)

When it's all said and done...That’s 162.4 units

over the past few years during the NFL Preseason alone.

Let me translate this into something you're more familiar with. Dead presidents, as in, Ben Franklins!

For conversation sake, let's say you're a $100 per unit bettor. That's $16,400.00 in winners over the past five seasons. And yea, that includes the juice.

Imagine if you bet $200, $300, or $500 per unit. See the results start adding up pretty quickly.

People would start to talk…

...heck, your wife (or significant other) would start bragging to their friends, seriously.

When You're Betting On a Sure-Thing, You Can Afford to Splurge....


The smiles on your loved ones faces when you treat them on a family vacation.

The wife's priceless reaction when you surprise her with an exotic cruise.

The feeling of relief to pay off a few nagging bills.

Picture rolling up and the heads you'll turn when you valet that new Aston Martin DB11.

Best part, all this and more is paid for compliments of house money!

Starting to See The Potential?

Now before I go any further…

Let me warn you, the NFL's Preseason is a different kind of animal.

Treat it like the regular season and you're doomed to bust your bankroll before the regular NFL season even kicks off.

There's a ton of “behind-the-scene” factors unique to the Preseason. Here’s what I mean…

To the naked eye, a “typical” NFL fan views a Preseason game as two teams playing what looks like a scrimmage game.

But under the surface, there’s a lot more going on.

(Remember, the NFL is a cut-throat business)

Players either perform at the highest level, or risk getting pink slipped (i.e., walking papers).

There’s No In-Between.

The coaching staff is methodically looking to cut ties with any weak link on the team.

So you best believe when a player’s number is called they're busting their ass day in and day out to ensure they make the cut.

They’re fighting for a job, their family, their legacy… but most importantly, a spot on the 53-man roster!

At any given position, the aging veteran is battling to keep his job, while three players are in line just waiting for him to slip up and make a mistake.

So yeah, tensions are high.

But then again… this only applies to certain teams.

Even big name franchise players aren't safe... Just look at what happened to aging veteran, Adrian Peterson, last season. Alvin Kamara took Peterson’s position and won “Rookie of the Year”.

So far, I’ve only talked about players… But there’s an entirely different dynamic to the preseason as well.

We’re Talking About A Sure-Thing. A System You Can Use to Rake In A Fortune…



A system that leverages coaching strategies, media leaks, and past analytical data to identify and exploit the spread.

In the Soft-Line System you'll receive every Straight Bet, Parlay, and Teaser picks...

As a result, your bookmaker will be begging you: “Take my money!” after you learn the “tell-tale signs” to detect softlines… Can you say "sure-thing".

You'll discover how to detect a reverse line move. This strategy goes against everything you’ve ever learned… Call it counter intuitive but this method is responsible for last minute line-up changes. Last season this strategy was pure gold!

Effortlessly see through the B.S., I’ll show you what to avoid on the wagering board so you avoid all traps.

How to use a secret blackops technique when betting teasers in the preseason. This pro-level secret is worth the price of admission alone! Last season this gem nailed 92% only losing a single game... And don't worry, it's all based on -110 odds.

The heavy lifting is done for you... The quantitative research, backtracking, and number crunching it's all done for you!

The simple “hack” of beating the public to the punch. That's right, you'll be notified of when to best so you can secure .5 to 2 point cushion.

Seriously, DO NOT Let Another Winning Season Pass You By!

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Trust me, you're not going to get this type of system from someone peddling winners in forums, Instagram, twitter, or Facebook.

Why? The Soft-Line System is one of a kind!

And don’t worry, you don’t have to concern yourself with the nuts and bolts of the system… "7", myself, and our team of analysts deliver each system pick to you on a silver platter.

No Filler. No fluff. No Guesswork.

No Research Required!

It's All Done For You.

What are you waiting for? Click the big green button below! Revealing this information to the public comes with certain risks. If too many bettors jump on our system picks, we’re very capable of moving the line until the value is all dried up.

That's right... POOF! Gone.

Not only that, but if the books detect exactly how the system works, you can bet they’ll work to quickly offset any advantage we’ve gained.

I mean, they're already limiting our action. So there's no way I'll risk them figuring out this system and taking even more of an edge away from us.

It’s for these reasons, only 100 bettors will be allowed access to the Soft-Line system.

So if you're serious about raking in a fortune this Preseason now is the time.

Here’s What To Do Next!

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A word of caution… if you attempt to bet the Preseason like the regular season, you will fail.

I've seen it time and time again. Fact is, the preseason is an entirely different beast.

Bet it like the regular season, and you can bet your bottom dollar - The book will chew your bankroll up and spit it out... Leaving you high and dry!

That's right, you'll be broke before the regular season even starts!

This is why it's IMPORTANT you get this one of a kind system that I'm offering you today.

Because if you follow this system to the tee, you'll realize the only down side is the limit placed on your action.

Yeah, it's that accurate.

Hell, the major sports books know this. They know they're sitting ducks during the Preseason... Why else would they limit your bets?

So don't get left behind... Now's your chance to jump on board!

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No Excuses!

Your purchase today is backed by a Full 60 Day Money Back GUARANTEE!

Let me tell you what that means…

You have more than enough time to evaluate this system. If it's not right for you, no biggie.

Simply call me, shoot me a text, or email me and request a refund. I’ll refund your purchase NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

How's that for peace of mind? Either you're happy or I'll give you your money back.

That's fair, right?

All the risk is on me, but rest assured this system will deliver the goods!

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I hope to see you in the client’s area!

Cheers and Good luck,

James Jones

P.S. Like my pops used to say, “Study long study wrong”

Here’s what I mean… This offer is EXTREMELY limited. Only 100 bettors, like you, will be allowed access to this system.

Once the limit is hit ((POOF)) it's gone!

Believe you me… I’m not getting rich of $700. The limit is to protect the integrity of the system. Go ahead, click here now!

P.P.S. Money can’t buy happiness or can it?

Nothing is more satisfying than taking care of a BIG expense with house money… Just look at the Maui trip I recently took with the wife and kids this summer.

On the fence? A bit of a skeptic? Trust the process!

Remember, your purchase is backed by a 100% money back guarantee!

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