OWB Exclusive: Top Vegas Bookmaker Spills Beans

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 10, 2014

Our friend and colleague, Brian Blessing, caught up with,  Las Vegas Legend, Jimmy Vaccaro for an exclusive interview.

Listen to it now direct from your smart phone, computer, or read the transcription below.  I think you’ll find the information very insightful and valuable!


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Interview transcription:

Brian: We’re hanging out here at the South Point. The cool thing about being part of this industry is meeting legends, and this is the man. He’s the man, Jimmy Vacarro. How many years you’ve been doing this?

Jimmy: Let’s see, how old are you? 27 or 28?

Brian: I wish. I wish.

Jimmy: I actually moved to town, permanently, in three weeks, it’ll be 40 years.

Brian: My god, when I moved here in 2005 – I covered sports forever – I thought I knew everything. I’ll tell you what. You’re never too old to learn anything. You got to be a sponge when you come to this town. There’s a whole different language, and lingo, and mindset, and getting a read on the public and what numbers it. It is a unique industry.

Jimmy: The people who create the longevity – and obviously I happen to be one of them – it’s like you don’t be stubborn. I’m always listening. I listen to everybody about everything because the industry from when it was when I started to what it is now, if you’d have tried to buck everything because you didn’t like it, then you would’ve been out the door in the late ’70s or early ’80s. I’ve seen it from the day where we had two bets on the Super Bowl – the side and the half-time bet. Now we do 300 bets just on the Super Bowl.

Brian: The fridge?

Jimmy: Ah, the fridge. If I can still see the guy running into the end zone, and everybody paid out–

Brian: Who, who, who–

Jimmy: Who paid the most?

Brian: No, where did that first drop? Who dreamt that up?

Jimmy: Art Manteris – Art Manteris and he talked to me about it before the play-off started. Before the game, I talked– because we just started to use some player props at that particular point in time.
When I was at the original MGM and Art was at Caesar’s Palace, we did good. We only lost about $40,000 on that prop. I think Art took the prize. I think he went for a buck fifty. But these are the type of things that, as we found out, this insatiable appetite that the general public has for betting. If you put it up there and it’s fair, you continue to keep moving along. Then we got in to the corporate stages of it, and it’s the same old thing. Some of the old-timers didn’t like the corporate way and they lost their job. Me, I was smart to understand you have to bridge a gap between, “I’ll show you my old ideas, you show me the new ones, and we’ll work together.”

Brian: Why, though, Jimmy, has it worked for you? Because since the day I met you, your mantra is, “If you’re open, take a bet.” And you’re willing to stick your neck out there. You put a Jags will they win a game prop early on. You’re always out there throwing new and creative things out there and you could take it in the shorts–

Jimmy: I have [laughter].

Brian: — but your bosses buy into your mantra, but that’s not the mindset of a lot of people.

Jimmy: Well, only because sometimes you’re told exactly what to do. I was fortunate when I started remembering. No one in the casino industry had any idea what the races portrait was all about. There was the independent places, but working for Michael Gaughan, he did have a background naturally from his father, but it was easy to work with that. And you know what? He would let me fail to improve myself. In other words, he didn’t say, “Don’t do anything.” Then each time I went to a new casino, they didn’t know anything about it, so they trusted my decision making. They trusted everything that I did for them, that I was going to try to put us in the best position. Didn’t mean you won all the time, but it meant that you went from one place to another, and that obviously, then you build– I won’t use the word “reputation.” It was like, “If the kid’s around, he must know a little about what the hell he’s talking about.”

Brian: And the other thing is very important. In the last 20 years, we use this thing as a– it’s like a big advertisement. I mean, you couldn’t find my name, or anybody’s name in a newspaper 40 years ago. Then when Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder first hit the airway, it opened a little bit of doors where the press started to call us– one quick– Why the Richard Perry thing went nuts is very, very simple? We didn’t get a lot of calls from the outside media looking in when it came to even major things like the Super Bowl, but they had heard after Perry scored the touchdown, the next day the local papers all had it on what happened with the Richard Perry prop. Chicago papers called out here to see what happened. They were absolutely smitten by like, “What a great idea”, and meanwhile and they lost. That word got around on an AP story. The AP story led to another thing. Then what happened after that Brian, instead of us trying to get media when the big events, they started calling us, and then it just started to get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Jimmy: Well, we’re here at the South Point, the rodeo– this place, if you’ve not– when you come to Vegas, you’ll check it out far at the end of the strip. This place is amazing if you’re– it’s own race and sports book for the third group players and a great sports book here. When I moved here, my thing was I’m sitting in a house party in Buffalo watching a football game and the game, read in the racing form Kenny White bought LVSC. And I just got this [Facade?] idea, game 16, and all of a sudden it’s a nine-point game and they get an interception with a minute to go, and the game falls 16. It was a nine-point lead, and everybody in the room in the house party says, “How do they do that?” So I said to myself, “Well, how do they do it? Who are they?” So that was the impetus for me to come out here, and it was the best move I ever made. How proud are you, though? Because, like you say, you do national interviews. You got people calling you left and right now. It is now walls coming down, it’s becoming more mainstream, and you’ve been on the ground floor of this fight for a long time.

Brian: Well, I’ll give you a little idea. We’re talking about Kenny White, who obviously is one of the sharpest kids I ran into. We’re talking about Kenny White. I dealt through his father at the Royal Inn betting sports when Kenny was about this high, so that’s how far back he goes. As far as understanding and talking, well first of all, I like to talk, and second of all, it’s halfway interesting because I tell the absolute truth about what happens in this crazy industry that we call racing sports book. I never pull no punches. The new thing that we’re moving on, that we’re finally going to get an audience again with Nevada Gaming Control. They’re going to let us look into maybe booking in the Olympics, maybe stretching out to the Oscars and stuff like that. These things were unheard of 15 or 20 years ago. So, as the industry has grown, even our regulatory process that we have here, they’re understanding now, let’s take advantage of this great thing we call have a racing sports book. So, they’re reaching out too. Will it happen? I don’t know, but this is as close as we’ve gotten in a long, long time.

Jimmy: Jimmy Vacarro here at the South Point. A true Las Vegas legend when it comes to the bookmaking industry. Knowing your patrons and Michael Gaughan. I mean, for you it goes full circle. Right?

Brian: Yes.

Jimmy: I mean, you guys–

Brian: 40 years.

Jimmy: 40 years back here and to this day, Michael still writes tickets, right, on game day. How about the betting public and how they’ve learn to become more educated, and then how you on the other side of the counter have a feel for what they’re going to do. How has that changed for you?

Brian: Well, situations have really dictated a lot of points for us any more. When I was a kid and you still hear the phrase, “A cold hard number.” Well when I was a kid if a game was three, and the order was sent out to lay the three, well that’s all you did, you laid the three by the people who were fronting the money, or the wise guys behind the initial bet. If it went to three and a half you didn’t touch it. If it went to four you didn’t touch it. You didn’t do anything except the hard cold number that was out there.

Jimmy: But when we found out as we got into – and the general public got involved – well, more situational now. We used the terms, “Must win,” that we never used when I was a kid. So when the team travels east to west, a revenge game. I heard none of those things until about the mid-80s and the start to this got bigger and bigger, and bigger. But from my side of the counter – and I’ve always been the guy, and make no mistake about it. I’ve taken my lumps like every other bookmaker in the history of the world but I always contended, even with the wise guys, my phrase of it was this is my own [chuckles] phrase and I said it 30 years ago. I’d rather– because some people don’t like those people, they’ve been playing in your joints. My thing was I’d rather have those people in front of me knowing what they’re doing as opposed to be behind–

Brian: You can use them by the way, you can utilize them–

Jimmy: Yes. I use them as much as they use me. The general public has gotten bigger, there are surely more of them. But here’s the tipping point, you get the thing all the time, the general public getting smarter. Yeah, they’re getting smarter but the same percentage hold that the state holds for the past 30 years has always been about everything, it’s always the one thing. We’re getting more players getting a little smarter, we’re also just getting more players who are learning. It still comes out to the 6 to 8% every year.

Brian: Say you hang college football numbers on a Tuesday. In this day and age what kind of money does it take to move a number? Obviously it depends if it’s not a key number, or if it’s a dead area, or the opinions and the information that’sout there. If you’re anticipating, or maybe you see a guy that you know on air, maybe you would move some.

Jimmy: Correct.

Brian: Is money still driving this thing?

Jimmy: Yeah. It drives it, but it doesn’t drive it the way that people, to some degree, think it drives it. First of all, you have to get used to the snowballs. Snowballs in my racket means that they might run up a number at low limits Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, wait until Saturday and bet ten times the amount against that move because that’s the number that they wanted. You have to at least have an idea of what these snowball things are. The other thing is – you’re exactly right – a kid may bet me $3000, I may move it a point, or a point-and-a-half. A casino customer might bet $30,000, and I might not move it at all. There’s a general feel that you have to have that goes along with this. You move when you think you’re supposed to move.

Brian: Here’s something to just think about, what I think good bookmakers are made of. What do you do with the second number after, they bet you the first one. If they lay the four then, “Okay, you want the four and a half,” and they lay the four and a half. You just go to five. You make them pay the penalty for going to five and a half. That’s the key, I think, to the guys who truly understand. What do you do with the second hit? Because you don’t want to run way out there with small money. They get the big money coming back. It busts at six, which they might have been looking for from the beginning. It’s an art and science. There’s a little old-time memory says, “Be careful. Don’t be stubborn, but don’t just jump around like you know what you’re doing without any idea of what the hell’s going to happen when they kick off.”

Jimmy: We’re bozos, because we miss the windfall with this fantasy home-run. Basically, it all emanated from Refrigerator Perry. But the kind of money that’s being generated out and now the sports league’s realized they’re up against it. When it finally gets to a court, it’s going to go south, because they’re endorsing the fantasy sports. In essence, it’s nothing different than what we’re doing here.

Brian: Exactly right.

Jimmy: What’s next? What’s the next big thing in this game?

Brian: Fantasy will be the next big thing. It’s just how to figure it out. To go through the regulations with the regulatory process here. Basically right now, the way that we want to do it, or the way that you see it done on television, or all the ads with the people obviously who started this phenomena, it’s like it’s still illegal the state of Nevada to do it the way that they do it. Now like I said, just talking about maybe booking Olympics, all these new things will be brought up and we’re getting newer people everywhere that we do. The younger people saying, “We want this.” And it’s a demand.

Jimmy: If there wasn’t play on the pai gow tables I would usually throw them out. But if they were clamoring for the pai gow tables they’d make room. They’d move out anything that they could to put more pai gow tables in there. We are getting to the point where we’re getting overflowed business on Saturdays and Sundays, just like every other book in the city in the state. We have to keep being progressive. We never booked a soccer game when I first came here. We never booked a NASCAR race till I came here. Now there’s like if you don’t–

Brian: And the sharps are lined up with a NASCAR race, ready to take down a match up.

Jimmy: –not have it up. That’s what I mean. Then they’ll say, “I’m going to go across the street.”

Brian: Well if you don’t, someone else will and they’re not in your joint. I loved it, this is awesome and maybe we’ll absolutely do this again. Let me just ask, because we talk sports for a living. There’s work, there’s stress. We go through all the same nonsense that everybody goes through but we’re not with a jackhammer out there digging ditches. What’s the most fun part of this for you? I mean, we have fun doing this.

Jimmy: For me, it’s leading up to the games. Once it starts I can’t do much with it. I like the buzz before the game. I like the anticipation of what the hell they’re going to do. I like to try to think ahead, but I love it when I see money coming across the counter, you know King all this bets, you look and say, “Where the hell else would I want to be?”

Brian: Well he’s in the South Point now, back with Michael Gaughan and always thinking outside the box. What are some of the– I know you had a horse racing contest in the summer–

Jimmy: Very well.

Brian: You do football contests as well. You got any crazy ideas coming up?

Jimmy: We have a jackpot parlay card for the ball game that we’ll announce probably next Wednesday. We had one last year, we gave away $50,000, stick around kid, you might see a lot more money coming your way.

Brian: A true Las Vegas legend, Mr. Jimmy Vacarro.


College Bowl Game schedule

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 8, 2014

As the first ever College Football Playoffs are scheduled, a select few find themselves in, while the great majority find themselves wanting.

Like the good book says, “Many are called, but few are chosen.”

By now, it’s old news that Baylor, TCU and their respective fan bases are hurting the most due to whatever logic the Selection committee uses to fill just 4 spots on a tiny bracket.

But enough brooding. The playoff will be very exciting to watch, and the wagering world will invest HEAVILY! We are talking Billions with a capital B will be bet on the New Years Six bowls as well as the other 32 Bowls and 1 Championship game.

So let’s get to it, shall we…

Here’s the New Years Six slate of games:

Dec. 31, 2014:
Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
No. 9 Ole Miss vs. No. 6 TCU
@12:30 PM ET on ESPN

VIZIO Fiesta Bowl
No. 20 Boise State vs. No. 10 Arizona
@4:00 PM ET on ESPN

Capital One Orange Bowl
No. 7 Mississippi State vs. No. 12 Georgia Tech
@8:00 PM ET on ESPN

Jan. 1, 2015:
Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic
No. 8 Michigan State vs. No. 5 Baylor
@12:30 PM ET on ESPN

Rose Bowl
(College Football Playoff Semifinal)
No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 3 Florida State
@5:00 PM ET on ESPN

Allstate Sugar Bowl
(College Football Playoff Semifinal)
No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Ohio State
@8:30 PM ET on ESPN

And below, you’ll find the rest of the bowl games:

Dec. 20, 2014:
R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Nevada vs. Louisiana-Lafayette
@11 AM ET on ESPN

Gildan New Mexico Bowl
Utah State vs. UTEP
@2:20 PM ET on ESPN

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl
Utah vs. Colorado State
@ 3:30 PM ET on ABC

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Western Michigan vs. Air Force
@5:45 PM ET on ESPN

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl
South Alabama vs. Bowling
@9:15 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 22, 2014:
Miami Beach Bowl
BYU vs. Memphis
@2:00 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 23, 2014:
Boca Raton Bowl
Marshall vs. Northern Illinois
@6:00 PM ET on ESPN

Poinsettia Bowl
Navy vs. San Diego State
@9:30 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 24, 2014:
Popeyes Bahamas Bowl
Central Michigan vs. Western Kentucky
@12:00 PM ET on ESPN

Hawaii Bowl
Fresno State vs. Rice
@8:00 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 26, 2014:
Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl
Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech
@1:00 PM ET on ESPN

Quick Lane Bowl
Rutgers vs. North Carolina
@4:30 PM ET on ESPN

Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl
NC State vs. UCF
@8:00 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 27, 2014:
Military Bowl
Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech
@1:00 PM ET on ESPN

Hyundai Sun Bowl
Arizona State vs. Duke
@2:00 PM ET on CBS

Duck Commander Independence Bowl
Miami vs. South Carolina
@3:30 PM ET on ABC

New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Boston College vs. Penn State
@4:30 PM ET on ESPN

National University Holiday Bowl
Nebraska vs. USC
@8:00 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 29, 2014:
AutoZone Liberty Bowl
Texas A&M vs. West Virginia
@2:00 PM ET on ESPN

Russell Athletic Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Clemson
@5:30 PM ET on ESPN

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl
Arkansas vs. Texas
@9:00 PM ET on ESPN

Dec. 30, 2014:
Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl
Notre Dame vs. LSU
@3:00 PM ET on ESPN

Belk Bowl
Georgia vs. Louisville
@6:30 PM ET on ESPN

Foster Farms Bowl
Maryland vs. Stanford
@10:00 PM ET on ESPN

Jan 1, 2015:
Outback Bowl
Auburn vs. Wisconsin
@12:00 PM ET on ESPN2

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl
Missouri vs. Minnesota
@1:00 PM ET on ABC

Jan 2, 2015:
Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl
Houston vs. Pittsburgh
@12:00 PM ET on ESPN

TaxSlayer Bowl
Iowa vs. Tennessee
@3:20 PM ET on ESPN

Valero Alamo Bowl
Kansas State vs. UCLA
@6:45 PM ET on ESPN

TicketCity Cactus Bowl
Washington vs. Oklahoma State
@10:15 PM ET on ESPN

Jan 3, 2015:
Birmingham Bowl
East Carolina vs. Florida
@1:00 PM on ESPN

Jan 4, 2015:
GoDaddy Bowl
Toledo vs. Arkansas State
@9:00 PM ET on ESPN

Jan 12, 2015:
College Football Playoff National Championship

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When Sharps Attack

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on November 26, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

I got something special for you today.

My good friend, Brian Blessing, was able to catch up with Las Vegas Sports Book Director, Tony Miller, for a quick interview.

Make sure you listen to every word of this interview.  Tony’s a wealth of knowledge, from legally taking bets for over 30 years from the Las Vegas Strip to the streets of London.

He tells us…

… EXACTLY where “The house” is vulnerable.

… Which NFL teams keep book makers up at night.

… Which teams have the power to bring “The House” to it’s knees.

… Where’s the smart money, book makers, and odds makers are getting their information on match-ups.

… When the sharps attack… I’m talking $40k, $50k, $60k coming in on a single bet.


I need a small favor…

You see, I have more special guests and interviews lined up for you.  I’m talking, book makers, odds makers, celebrity analysts, sport book directors, and some of the most feared sharp bettors alive…

With that in mind, “hook a brother up”, tell me exactly what you’d like me to ask.  Every bettor is curious about the “other side of the counter” so send me your questions.  I promise, I’ll ask your question in an upcoming interview.

Email me questions: James at Oddsworthbetting.com
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Thanks in advance & enjoy the interview!

Good luck,

James Jones

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Interview transcription:

Brian Blessing: We’re really excited to have one of the top dogs in the sports wagering industry, Tony Miller, stopping by. I can say this, not only is he the best at what he does, he’s a dear friend. And thanks for taking time, bud, how you doing?

Tony Miller: Cool man. Thanks for having me.

Brian Blessing: All right, let’s just talk about for starters, your career in this industry– You’ve been all over the place.

Tony Miller: Oh yeah, I’ve been in the industry since early 80s. I’ve booked here in town for many years and booked overseas–

Brian Blessing: And far away, right?

Tony Miller: Yeah, overseas in England. I went over there to set up a sport accounts for the British over there when they were booking American sports. So yeah, I’ve been around a while.

Brian Blessing: Was that a good learning experience for you, over there?

Tony Miller: Oh, it’s great, man. Not only did I teach them American sports, but I learned a lot of cricket, rugby, Scandinavian hockey. I learned everything. It was pretty good.

Brian Blessing: That’s awesome. And the Golden Nugget– what I love about Tony is the fact that he thinks outside the box. I really admire guys like you, Jay Kornegay, you guys will stick your necks out there. Here we sit in the throes of football. You’ve got masters props up there. In the final five, six weeks of the college football season, you guys went and did all the extra work, and most of this was going to be a refund, for college football playoff scenarios. Basically, there’s only three possible games that could be played, so the majority of the work that you did was going to be a refund, but you know what? The tourists were buying the tickets and taking them home. It’s great PR, and I just love the thought process on your part.

Tony Miller: Yeah, we put up the games of the year at the beginning of the season, so we thought, “Why not?”, now that there’s a playoff system in the college bowl series. We took the top eight teams ranked every week and then we put up some scenarios. In those scenarios, you can bet whether your team is going to make it in to the semifinals or the championship game. You’ve got three shots at having your scenario work in this particular situation.

Brian Blessing: The other thing Tony does is call the college games in the year. He puts these numbers up in early June ever year. I think it gives us a little opportunity to talk about, A, how daring he is. But the interesting nature of the industry and how the appetite out there for this. Generally speaking, in the beginning you have a bunch of games where there could be some middle opportunities out there. Now it’s been whittled down to just a handful. But there are a couple this year, right? They had the Florida state game with Miami was a monster difference, right?

Tony Miller: Florida State we were highly regarded for– we had them up in all their games of the year as double digit favorites. So we took it on the chin. We have a lot of respect for Florida State. We had a lot of respect for TCU. We had a lot of respect for teams that just didn’t go our way. That’s a chance we took back in June.

Brian Blessing: But your opinion is being rewarded at the end of the of the season. I know you guys were in at flat out in love from a power-rating perspective with teams like Oregon and UCLA. And UCLA, I can’t forget that game against Virginia where they were asleep at the switch. In the beginning, Virginia looked like they were actually a good team, but they became just ordinary again. But now UCLA, they’re playing at that kind of high level you really thought they would all along.

Tony Miller: Yeah, it took them long enough. Finally, they went to ASU and finally had a break out game and they destroyed ASU in Sun Devil Stadium and ever since then, they’ve been the bruins we thought they would be all year long and they proved it last week again against CS.

Brian Blessing: All right, it’s a Monday night football party. Tony, take your time here at half-time. We appreciate him taking the time here. I just wanted to ask– the bettors. How much smarter are the bettors now, from when you started doing this? You and I had a discussion; we do a radio show together every Friday from the Golden Nugget. We love going down there. Florida state, for example, is it that simple that you fade Florida state in the first half and you bet them in the over and if that really was the case, how quick did the betting public get on board with that?

Tony Miller: Let me tell you, the public is smarter, and smarter every year. Now with the social media, with the computers at home, they know everything we do as far as injuries, weather conditions, and they know the trends with all these teams. They follow the highly profiled teams, they know the trends, what they’re doing, and they’re on to it. So the point spreads whether I shade them for or against us, they’re on to it. They know what we’re doing, so it’s not as easy for the book makers, Abe.

Brian Blessing: And I think– one thing I really wanted to touch on with Tony because, in the day and age to shop for numbers, it’s the exception and not the rule. There used to be 90 properties. Then there was a consolidation in hubs. And now it’s like 25, 30 joints, and you can’t– it’s hard to find unique numbers but you, with the college games of the year, for whatever reason – and maybe you can elaborate on that if you want – you get inordinate amount of money out of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Hawaii, that you’ll actually be on an island with numbers so the opportunities are few and far in between, but if people do their due diligence, they can still shop and get the best of the number. But the best thing you can do is, you have an opinion, is probably bet early if you think the number’s going to go against you.

Tony Miller: Absolutely. You can bet pro football games on Monday morning six days in advance and hopefully the number you bet is a good number. It could go against you, it could go for you. As far as downtown Las Vegas where I work, yeah Brian, we cater to a lot of Hawaiian people coming over from the islands. I get a lot of Wisconsin people in my joint. I’m leery of that. I know they’re going to come in and bet the Brewers. I know they’re going to come in and bet Wisconsin. I know they’re going to come in and bet the Packers, so I might shade those games a little bit because of that. It just depends though because soon as I do shade a game, the smart money comes in on the other side and then I got a big decision.

Brian Blessing: For the handicappers that are out there, people are looking to find an advantage. Without naming a name, we’re both pretty good friends with is one of your big bettors. But you know he’s going to come and attack you at the tail end of the night, more often than not. It’s important for you to know your clientele. Can the players get a feel on the other side for maybe the trends that a book will shade numbers in a certain way? Can that same thought– because you can use, right? Let me speak for this. A big better, people think you’re terrified of the big better. He’s a guy you can actually utilize to get to where you need to be.

Tony Miller: I do every week. We all know that the Denver Broncos are a huge, huge public team, so are the Green Bay Packers. They love Peyton Manning, they love Aaron Rodgers. Their teams are on a roll, and the public uses them in their parlays, the ends of their parlays, the end of their teasers, and so we always have a lot of accumulation, we call it, coming in on these teams. What I do is I’ll get off the number, and I’ll get off the number really fast. We got a lot of guys that sit out there with smart money, we call them, and as soon as they see that number that’s not anywhere else in town, they’ll run up to the counter and they’ll ask for it. Forty, fifty, sixty thousand dollars on the side, but maybe not. And I’ll use some of that money to get back the level on the game.

Brian Blessing: And you’re really kind to take the time here. I’ll let you get back to your game. But yes, the final thing I would say is the appetite for the better. Like you said you already had masters, well everybody has the Master’s futures, you thought outside the box. You’ve got master’s props, you have a Rory McIlroy index, how many majors he will win. But it just speeds to the appetite for the better that these offerings go up earlier and earlier and earlier every year. Red Sox, right? They just signed a couple of guys so you know they’re futures for next year are going to start dancing around. But it keeps you on your toes, right? College basketball starting, like you don’t have enough to do.

Tony Miller: Yeah, yeah. Why not put these things up in advance. A lot of people come in from out of state. They come in from around the world and they like to take home a souvenir, as you know I’m betting on these things in the future because they’re not going to make it back to town. I got no problem with putting up futures in advance. In fact, this week, we’re working on Daytona 500 and Daytona 500 match-ups. And we’re even talking about putting up the world series in Super Bowl futures five years in advance. Why do you have to wait year to year? Why not put them up five years?
Brian Blessing: You’re crazy. I know you told me you were going to do that.

Tony Miller: I am crazy. But you know, hey, a crazy business brings people into my place and so I’m fine with that. I’m good with that.

Brian Blessing: It’s just a small sampling, and obviously we will call on Tony much more in the future down the road. But I would just say this for anybody that catches this. The Super Bowl, big events, downtown is a great place to go. But, and I mean this sincerely, having been here ten years, and been around and kind of hosted some parties with you and now, I don’t do any of that. I’d take those four days off. I got a bunch of people from Western New York coming in. We just had some people that listened to us on the radio. The best party that’s thrown in this town for any sporting event is at the Golden Nugget. You’ve got to come and check out March Madness in the Grand Ballroom, 800 people. We’ve made dear friends. I mean, friends you’ve made are now friends of mine and people come in– basketball from 9:00 AM in the morning until 10, 11 at night. It’s the best four days of the year. And nothing like that Thursday, Friday. I’m too old, Saturday, Sunday, I’m crushed [chuckles]. But you get to go upstairs to the room on those four days and catch a nap. I’m hammered [laughter]. It beats me down.

Tony Miller: Let me tell you, buddy, forget the Superbowl, forget anything. If you like college basketball and you want to party for four days, I throw the best party in town–

Brian Blessing: You do.

Tony Miller: –for four days. And I’ve got thousands of people that come in this room and let me tell you, it goes from 9:00 in the morning until 10 o’clock at night and we have a ball. So [crosstalk]–

Brian Blessing: And you have the satellite wagering in the ballroom. I mean, it’s non-stop. Half time, second half, hoops–

Tony Miller: Absolutely.

Brian Blessing: Knicks game’s about to start and–

Tony Miller: We put them up on the big screens and yeah, it’s a great time.

Brian Blessing: Well, A, the guy flat out knows his stuff but he throws a great party at March Madness. We invite you to come into town for that. If you’re in town on Friday’s, we do our radio show together. We invite you to come on in. But, we’ll bug you down the road. Have your half time shot and go watch your second half. Oh, look at this [laughter]–

Tony Miller: Here we go.

Brian Blessing: It’s ready to roll.

Tony Miller: Let’s go.

Brian Blessing: All right, kid. Yeah, where’s mine?

Tony Miller: It’s coming. No, no, no I can’t–

Brian Blessing: I’ll get hit.

Tony Miller: You turn all red and ugly and everything. So, no, we’re not going to do that.

Brian Blessing: Thanks, pal.

Tony Miller: Cheers.


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NFL X-Factors

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on October 22, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Here’s our Wednesday podcast to get you through hump day!

It’s our resident expert Brian Blessing from The Insiders Game to talk, NFL, NHL, and College Football.

As always Brian’s a wealth of knowledge… Today he talks about Thursday’s Night NFL match-up between Chargers vs Broncos and the X-Factors!

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Soft-line Alert

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on October 15, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Today we got Brian Blessing from The Insiders Game to talk  NFL and College Football.

As always Brian’s a wealth of knowledge…  He talks soft-lines, market overreactions, and much much more.

If you’re betting NFL or College Football listen to what he’s got to say…  Plus, do not miss out on the tips he gives about NHL, MLB, and the NBA.

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How amazing is this…

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on September 26, 2014

Good news for you on Tonight’s College Football Premium Pick.


But first…  Only one word comes to mind after last night’s finish, WOW!  Talk about an amazing finish!

I’ll be the first to admit, typically MLB is boring to watch but last night it was anything but!

Derek Jeter went out with a story book ending.  See for yourself. #RE2PECT


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The Art of Thinking Outside The Box

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on September 2, 2014

Hey James Jones here,

When it comes to beating Vegas at its own game, you need to find an edge. Throwing up guesses and hoping for the best is a recipe for failure.

Believe me! In my younger, dumber years I tried plenty of that.

That’s why when I heard my friend and colleague Brian Blessing talk about this week’s match ups, I knew you had to see it too.

Because in the 3 minute video below, Brian highlights a great point about how we can think outside the box and take Vegas by surprise.

Watch the video, and then take it to your bookie B-)

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on August 21, 2014

In the sports world – The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is the latest craze to hit the internet.

Personally, I wondered what the challenge was all about and thankfully ESPN shed some light on the matter.

So in honor of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – The team and I will be making a donation to the cause.

If you’d like to donate please visit http://www.AlS.org




The Finger

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on August 19, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

I have a special for you but before I get to it I gotta rant about the beloved Johnny Manziel (Johnny “Drama”).  He’s becoming the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL.

He has a way of staying in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Sure the kid’s talented yet his shenanigans keep him in the headlines versus his performance.

Unfortunately, all you’ll hear about today and the rest of the week on ESPN and the sports radio is about Johnny flipping “The Bird” on Monday Night Football.

See it for yourself.  Click the play button below:

The kid has the national stage to perform and cannot control himself…  Crazy right!?!

For all the Brown fans – it’s going to be a loooong season.

Rant over!

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Good luck and talk soon,


James Jones




NFL Preseasn Take-aways

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on August 11, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

I caught up with Brian Blessing recently and asked him to record some of his thoughts on the NFL Preseason and other headlines bettors like us are interested in.

Like always, Brian impressed with his insight and knowledge. Do yourself a favor and take the next 6 minutes and 50 seconds to listen to what Brian has to say.

I promise, you’ll be a smarter bettor because of it:

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