Your Sex is On FIRE!

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on May 18, 2015

Anything that has to do with winning tends to stick with me..

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OK… Now let me tell you this story…

I recently had some song stuck in my head whose chorus repeated… “YEAAA… On fire!” I couldn’t help but hum the tune non-stop… probably because it said “on fire.”

It’s a mind boggling feeling to have a song stuck in your head without knowing the words.

Then yesterday IT HAPPENED!

When I was in the book I heard the song…

Being quick on my feet, I grabbed my iPhone asked Siri who sings this…

And here’s what she had to say…

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A Major League Loop-hole

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on May 13, 2015

It’s James Jones here…

It’s no SECRET!

The MLB is boring to watch, but as long as we can exploit the odds for a profit, we’ll bet it.

You agree, right?

Recently, a source of mine kept pushing me to try this new thing…  “James, you have to jump on board with Daily Fantasy Sports – it’s the next BIG thing!”

Initially, I kept blowing him off…

But he kept twisting my arm.  Finally, he said that magical word… “Loop-hole”.

“James, listen I know you like stacking the odds in your favor.  You might want to take a look at this Daily Fantasy Sport stuff.  I recently found this loop-hole!”

So I caved…  This week I decided to give it a try using this secret loop-hole.

Side note: Think of daily fantasy sports as a poker tournament but your cards are the players and their performance.

Anyway, imagine my SHOCK when I logged to see how I was doing last night.

The Dodgers ended up knocking me out of 1st place, but I still placed in the money.  Not too bad for a beginner, right?  The tournament was $27 to enter.

My source is not ready to reveal this SECERT to the masses just yet…  He told me I could only bring on 5 new guys.  That’s right five.

So if Daily Fantasy Sports sounds like something you’re interested in, text “Loop-hole” to 702-979-4410 and we can discuss.

Only requirement.  You must have a Draft Kings account.  If not click this link and set one up.

Remember, if you want access to this loop-hole, you must text me.

Talk soon and good luck,

James Jones


Top 7 Questions

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on April 22, 2015


The Grand Slam Package includes every MLB Betting System “7” and I have ever released.  It covers every aspect of MLB for you to cash-in on:

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The second option is the “Done-It-For-You” option.  If you’re like most bettors, you just want the system pick!  My staff and I will do all the research for you.  You simply log into the members area, check your email, smart phone, or simply call the office.

Each option will be broken down for you tomorrow.  I recommend you look at how each system works before you make a decision.  Let me warn you, the ‘Done-It-For-You’ option will be limited (sorry, it’s 1-on-1 service and there’s only so much time in the day)


These systems will work with any of not all sports books.  If you prefer to bet with a “Bookie” you’ll need to ensure they accept MLB, money-line, and run-line.


It’s safe to say there will be a system pick almost daily – rarely a day goes by a match up will not fit the criteria of a system.


Absolutely! To get maximum results it’s best to bet this package for an entire season.


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(You’ll find an important lesson around the 5 minute mark in the video)

Did you notice how even an iconic sports bettor, such as, Mr. Walters relies on trusted advisers, handicapping advisers and a brain trust of sports handicapping specialists?

Here’s an undefeated fact – Knowledge is power!

Just like you saw in that video, high rollers across the world rely on key information.  When you have accurate information on a match up, you make better decisions and, ultimately, you make more money!

The process is and will always be the same:

Proven Systems + Action + Key management = Fortunes and Wealth

I hope you found value in this blog post.  Understand, sports betting is like any other financial venture, investment or opportunity in life.

The more information, tools and systems you have access to, the better chance you have of making some serious, cold hard cash!

Be on the lookout for an email from me later today!

Here’s to an amazing MLB season…  Talk soon!

Good Luck,

James Jones



7 Losers You Can Bank on!

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on March 4, 2015

Hey James Jones here…

First off, Happy Hump Day 🙂

One thing about trends, it’s a love / hate relationship…  Ride’em or fade’em but you can’t ignore’em!

Believe me, this is just the tip of the ice berg, do you plan to back a brinks truck up to the counter? Then study players, coaches, injury reports, past match ups and more (or you could just get a Premium Membership for just $7).

Remember, knowledge is POWER!

Enjoy and good luck,

James Jones

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7 Losers You Can Bank on! 


#1. NBA:  Golden State / Against the spread 

Trend: The Golden State Warrior’s opponents are 2-10 ATS in 2015; when the Warriors are back to back home favorites!

Tip: The GS Warriors win rate ATS is 83.3% when playing at home as back to back home favorites.  Play it by the numbers, Go Warriors!


#2 NCAAB: Oregon State / Totals

Trend: When the Oregon St. Beavers play at home the over only hits a heartbreaking 12.5% of the time. In fact, the Beavers have only been able to hit the Over once in 2015.

Tip: The “Under” has hit an outstanding 87.5% in 2015 when the Beavers are playing at home.


#3 NCAAB: San Jose St. / Straight up

Trend: Here’s one for the record books, the San Jose St. Spartans are 0-15 straight up in 2015.

Tip: Either way you dice it, the Spartans are BAD!  If it’s affordable, bet the house against the Spartans.


#4 NBAAB: Duke / Against the spread

Trend: The Duke Blue Devils opponents are 3W-5L ATS after the Blue Devils won the their previous game at home.

Tip: Tread lightly betting the Blue Devils but odds are your money’s in good betting them after they win at home.


#5 NBAAB: Louisville / Straight up

Trend: Bad news for teams playing the Louisville Cardinals.  They’ve only squeezed out a single victory after the Cardinals are coming off a road game in 2015.  That’s right, 1-7 SU…  Do the math, that’s only 12.5%.

Tip: If you can afford to bet the ML, there’s a ton of value betting Louisville!  In fact, there SU win rate is strong… it’s 87.5%!


#6 NCAAB: LSU / Against the spread

Trend: Teams playing on LSU’s court haven’t fared so well.  After LSU plays a home game Opponents are hitting a disappointing 33.3% win rate ATS in 2015.

Tip:  Common logic says, ride the LSU Tigers and their 66.7% win rate ATS.


#7 NBA: Memphis / Totals 

Trend: Interesting trend, the Memphis Grizzlies have only been able to hit an over 8 times in 2015.  Call it strong D with an offense who’s look for an X-Factor.  Fact remains, the Overs only hit 28.6% in 2015.

Tip: This should be obvious, ride the Under…  Especially when the total is 197!





Dunk Contest

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on February 16, 2015

This just happened…

Zach Lavine sets the bar HIGH in the 2015 Slam Dunk Contest…  Just look:

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by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on February 6, 2015

Hey James Jones here…

A couple important things going on in sports that you need to know about…

First off, Legendary and iconic sports betting professional, Billy Walters, is making headlines again.

ESPN published an article today discussing the mystic of Billy…

“For four decades, other gamblers have tried to be Billy Walters while investigators have tried to bring him down. And for four decades, the world’s most successful sports bettor has outrun them all.”

Read the full article by clicking here

Second, It’s only a matter of time before “Sports Betting” is handled like the state lottery!  Imagine, walking into a convenience store and telling the clerk, “Let me get $200 on the Pacers -3”.

Trust me, it’s not a matter of “IF” it happens, but WHEN it happens!  Especially when league commissioners are starting to see the light 🙂

(Fast forward to the 3:15 mark)

Here’s a link to the full article:


Good luck,

James Jones

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A True College Football Insider

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 18, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Here’s a couple of cool things for you today. I know you’re going to LOVE it!

First off, in today’s College Bowl Confidential we got Brian Blessing.

Brian’s a true “insider” he’s on the ground floor in Las Vegas talking to sport book directors, odds makers, and the sharpest bettors alive.  If BIG moves happen best believe Brian knows about it but most importantly he knows why it happened.

In the College Bowl Games, Brian’s focus is getting bettors, like you and I, the very best of the number.  As we know, fortunes are won and lost by half a point.

Watch & learn in our latest College Bowl Confidential.

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It’s jam packed with teams stats, players stats, and trends.

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Good luck,

James Jones

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Sharpest College Football mind in the world!

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 17, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Today in our third installment of College Bowl Confidential series.  In today’s episode, Brian Blessing, interviews Craig Mucklow.

Craig’s VP of Trading over at Don Best.  Inside the industry, he’s a BIG deal.

Pretty sure, he’s the most famous guy you’ve never heard of 🙂

You see, behind the scenes he’s the go to guy every bookmaker relies on.
Every book in the word knows his name.  And when Craig speaks they hang on his every word…

… because his advice is so accurate, it can bring down the house!

Analytically, you’ll never find anyone sharper than Craig.  His College Football knowledge is hands down impressive.

Watch, listen, and learn.


Enjoy & Good luck,

James Jones

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Talking College Bowl Games With Tony Miller.

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 16, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Here’s another College Bowl Confidential report for you.  Today’s Brian Blessing interviews Sports Book Director, Tony Miller.

Tony’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to College Bowl Games.  He’s been legally taking bets for over 30 years from the Las Vegas Strip to the streets of London.

You serious about raking in a fortune during the bowl games…

… do yourself a favor, watch and listen now:

Enjoy  :)

Good luck,

James Jones

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Celebrity oddsmaker interview

by Las Vegas Legend, James Jones on December 15, 2014

Hey James Jones here…

Our good friend and colleague, Brian Blessing,  finally caught up with Las Vegas celebrity and ex-oddsmaker, Kenny White.  Two of the sharpest minds in sports betting talk College Football, more specifically, College Bowl Games.  Watch and listen now – thank me later 🙂

You might recognize Kenny’s name from the 60 minute’s interview CBS did with sports betting icon, Billy Walters.  He was the expert odds maker CBS interviewed.

Here’s the episode.

Enjoy the videos 🙂

Good luck,

James Jones

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  • 2 Playoff picks 
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